Journey Into The Emblems Art Book

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Very Limited Quantities!
This is a conclusion to my 5 year long magnum opus, enjoy this visual compendium containing 170 portraits drawn intricately.


For this Overstock sale, the books come in Standard & Premium Editions
During pre-orders, the Bronze and Silver Editions were Standard books, and the Gold Edition was a Premium book.

This is for US and Canada only. I'm sorry I cannot ship worldwide yet, shipping is too costly for something this heavy and I cannot sell to EU due to regulations right now.

The bundles below are different from what was sold during pre-orders.

Each Edition below comes with a bunch of merch items, only the items with sufficient quantities were included so all orders will have equal amount of items.
Key chains, Standees have insufficient quantity so they will be sold separately.

Owl Pin, Laegjarn Pin, Laegjarn Button also have insufficient quantities but I will add them to early orders(both editions) while quantities last as they don't add much weight to the package to affect shipping costs.

I only have 3 character business cards left so first 3 orders will get a random one.

The prices of the book bundles below have been adjusted accordingly.

Any remaining merch will be sold separately.

Shipping will be done at the end of each week on a Friday so I can ship in small batches. You will get a tracking number once a label has been created.

Please note, there's no free shipping for this, that was only during the pre-order event.


Price: $95 USD
192 Pages, 8.5" x 8.5"
Matte paper, 110lbs
Inside cover pages are blank
Book is glue bound
Cannot lay flat
x1 Cover art postcard
x2 Coasters
x1 Owl sticker
x1 Chibi heroine sticker sheet
x1 Chibi Laegjarn sticker


Price: $110 USD
204 Pages, 8.5" x 8.5"
Matte paper, 115lbs
Extra Chapter has Poster arts
Inside cover pages have line arts
Smyth-Sewn binding
Can lay flat in some areas
Laegjarn Dust Jacket
x1 Chibi Laegjarn sticker
x1 Laegjarn Emote Sticker sheet
x4 Laegjarn Prints
x1 Cover art Print
x1 Owl sticker
x2 Coasters
x1 Chibi Heroines Sticker sheet


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