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Born in Karachi, Pakistan, I moved to Canada when I was little. I come from a family of humble goldsmiths living in a small colony. My grandfather introduced me to drawing as a pastime before I moved to Canada. I grew up with very little and relied on art to keep myself occupied.I am a self-taught artist and I have a BA in Video Game Arts & Design, I have also done business and marketing design studies. I’ve been working since 2009, over the years I have worn many hats: concept artist, illustrator, animator, 3D generalist, programmer, and marketing designer.Now I enjoy building my own brand and drawing some of my favourite characters!
It's a pretty big mountain to climb but I know if I focus on the effort, the result will come!


Game Art




Please contact me only if you accept the terms on this page


$300 USD
(thighs and up)
$500 USD
$700 USD
Price is determined by complexity
In the gallery above only the breakfast art has a Background Scene
Starts at 300$ USD


These are for Personal Use Only!You must provide reference imagesFan Art, Anthro, and OC are allowedNo robots, monsters, old people, real people, super heroesI want nothing to do with NFTs/CryptoYes you may use these for your youtube/twitch banners and the like


Commissions are done in 2 phases, I start each phase after the payment has been made
For larger commissions I will split it into more phases
Phase 1
1st half of the payment, I work on the Black & White version of the image
Phase 2
2nd half of the payment, I work on the colourized version and add some final touches
I add a backdrop at the very end, I go with what I think works best


Photoshop File
High Resolution & Web Version images
10x10" For Portraits
Approx. 11" x 17" for Full Illustrations

CONTACT⚠️ If I don't respond after a week, message me on Instagram or Twitter
because there's a chance your email went to my spam folder


Come check out my Discord called GoboQuest! It's a fun little role playing dungeon game with quests, rewards, and monsters you can summon! We also do art challenges!